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Swine Flu? I dont get your stinking swine flu!

Swine Flu? I don't get your stinking swine flu!

From PC World:

Swine flu spam is spreading like a virus of its own and recently turned malicious.

Spam campaigns often start with harmless e-mail messages and slowly build into more serious threats, according to Stephan Chenette, manager of security research at Websense Inc.

“Spammers are generally very well connected with each other and see how well it’s working. It always goes through the test phase,” he said.

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As I come across awesome April Fool’s day pranks of 2009 I will post the links here!

Untill then enjoy some of these oldie but goodies…

Google’s finest

Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes

Well Techcrunch is off to a blazing start, its only 6 AM and they have a long list going already.

http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/01/april-fools-youtube-flails-amazon-cloud-computing-in-a-blimp-3d-chrome-browsing-google-master-ai/ (updated all day)

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