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Indiana’s Ball Tapping Problem – Chicagoist.

Zombie Wedding Cake

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Nascar Jesus

NASCAR Jesus [PIC]. A painting by Katie Cooper

Wondering What Each Of The Six (count ‘em, six!) Win7 Versions Contains?

Published on June 26th, 2009

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Read all about the sweetness and light Microsoft will be so graciously bestowing upon us. I can hardly wait. For Snow Leopard.

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Swine Flu? I dont get your stinking swine flu!

Swine Flu? I don't get your stinking swine flu!

From PC World:

Swine flu spam is spreading like a virus of its own and recently turned malicious.

Spam campaigns often start with harmless e-mail messages and slowly build into more serious threats, according to Stephan Chenette, manager of security research at Websense Inc.

“Spammers are generally very well connected with each other and see how well it’s working. It always goes through the test phase,” he said.

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Shamwow guy Vince Shlomi arrested for beating a hooker