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My name is Brandon Butram. I have been working on computers all my life. I truly have a passion for computers and feel that it is my duty and responsibility to bring computers and users together to work in sync. A computer is only as useful as you make it and my goal is to make sure you as a user are able to use it to its full potential. I like to think of computers as cars. Just like a car has a steering wheel your computer has a keyboard and mouse, and just as a car has a windshield and mirrors a computer has a monitor. As with cars, sometimes things go wrong. Some things you may feel comfortable fixing your self like changing the washer fluid or in the case of a computer maybe you decided to run an anti-virus program. If a major problem arises you would take your car to a mechanic and if you had a major problem with you computer you would call me because I am your computer mechanic. Enjoy your stay here at my website. If you have any questions you can contact me by clicking here or clicking on contact me above. If you would like to know more about my skills and specialties you can do so by clicking here.

(this was copypasta’d from my website, I will eventually get around to making one for this page)